Color (Dipping Powder)
40 minutes
SNS is the latest organic nail care product: natural and healthy to your real nails; No odor, no liquid, no primer, no UV light, much thinner than other products, light weight, easy to do and more importantly, helps our customers’ nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding different kinds of vitamins and calcium. It is more durable yet more flexible than traditional acrylics, and the powder provides more strength than gel. SNS or Signature Nail Systems, is a type of nail product that combines aspects from both gel and powder into something unique that carries the best of both, like the light feeling of gel and the coating of powder. Moreover, the distinction of SNS nail is that it doesn’t need to be cured under UV light, which can be harmful for you.

SNS Nail uses a brush-on gel base on the nails, which is then dipped into powder. The powder comes in natural pink and white for a French manicure look, as well as a wide range of colors. Its application is quick and easy, an advantage for both you and our nail technicians, and there is less filing, which means less dust and less drilling than many other products.

Being free of UV curing and a hybrid between gel and powder, the application process is somewhat an in-between with bits of element from both sides. However, it’s still fast and professionally performed for your convenience.

The application process of our SNS Nail Full Set will generally take these steps:

Step 1: Remove old nail polish and perform sanitation on both hands (Trim your nails by using nail scissors or nail clippers, buff the surface of your nails, and use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles)

Step 2: Shape your nails into desirable shape

Step 3: Apply a layer of gel bonding agent

Step 4: Brush another layer of gel base on 4/5 of the nail

Step 5: Then dip your nails into SNS colored powder, except the cuticle

Step 6: Finally, apply gel top coats over the nails to protect nail surface

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